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My After Bath Must..

My fav body lotion ever! 

Its light but still so moisturising, the smell is unreal and its reasonably priced. This is my go to moisturiser after a bath or shower because it instantly nourishes skin and leaves it feeling soft.

The link to the product is below..

Lush Karma Kream 

Mehron Must Have!

Pro-HD Foundation Contour & H/Lite Palette 12 Shades £88.28This is literally butter for the face!! My all time fav HD foundation. It glides on to the skin like butter and blends so easily, looks flawless, dewy, its buildable and photographs/films amazingly! What more can you ask. 
It is also oil free so for all makeup artists, a good one to have in the kit, and anyone who needs an oil free foundation this is by far the best one on the market. 
It can also be used as a contour and highlight palette, and as it blends so nicely it works so well for every use, not to mention they last forever, as you need so little.
Great variety of shades, although it could do with one shade slightly darker.

Celebré Pro HD Foundation £9.14 Don't worry for everyone who just wants the one shade for themselves, they also have single pots of each shade. These are so reasonably priced at only £9.14 each foundation, for the quality and the amount of time they last it is such a bargain!

Both products and a large range of the Mehron collection is available at Treasurehouse Of Makeup

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

Liquid Lippie from NYX £5.50

The colour choices for these soft matte lip creams are amazing! I went for two staple colours thinking that if I liked them then I could go and get the more adventurous colours.I chose the colours LONDON 04 (left)& CANNES 19 (right). At first when applying I thought they were perfect. Just what i was looking for, a high-street, affordable liquid lipstick. 

After wearing it for about 30 mins (bare in mind i didn't eat or drink), the colour had come off of the middle of my lips and they looked so dry (like i had never heard of a lip balm). So sadly these wont be my goto which is a shame, although some people I know love them, potentially they don't agree with me. I'd try them again after a lip scrub and hope for the best!

They are totally affordable at only £5.50, so if you love a matte lip then give them a go. Perhaps just a little too matte for my liking.

I have linked the product below...

NYX Professional Makeup Soft Matte lip cream

Milk_shake Hair Products


I fell in love with the smell of these products. They're a dream.

Having tried basically the entire range these are my four fav products from the milk_shake line. I think they are all quite reasonably priced also so you get a lot of long lasting product for the price. 

Milk_shake Conditioning Whipped Cream £11.95 - This is a protective and conditioning creamy foam and is perfect for those quick wash days when you don't have time to put all the products in your hair, you can get away with just using this. It makes hair super silky.

Milk_shake Smoothing Cream £13.95 - This helps maintain straight and frizz free hair, making it sleek and smooth, 

Milk_shake Volume Solution Styling £11.95 - This is great for volume and definition an will hold in styles all day.

Milk_shake Incredible Milk £10.75 - This is a styling product which detangles, repairs, softens and volumises hair. 

These products are all great but for me its the smell that wins me over, everyone always tells me how amazing i smell after using these products. They literally smell like a milkshake. Its amazing!

All products are available on Beautybay

Argan Secret

Argan Secret Moroccan Magic Set

I love this set, more the candle than the oil. The oil is nice, nourishing and leaves hair very soft. The candle though is amazing and like no other. It smells unreal just like the oil but the melted wax can be used as a moisturiser and massage oil! It is just so cool and i love that there is no wastage, i love a product that has more than one use (feel like I'm really getting my moneys worth). Its lovely as an oil and moisturiser also and is not greasy at all.

This set isn't always available and it sells out super quick, the main site i get it from is already sold out but I have found it on another site luckily, so i will be stocking up! They make the perfect xmas present. 

I have attached the link below for the product..

The Best Brush Cleaner Ever...

The brush cleaner I couldn't live without...

Beauty So Clean Wipeout Brush Cleaner £23

This product sold me when it instantly removed even red lipstick from my makeup brushes. Although though it is pricier than the majority of brush cleaners, it does last a long time, longer than most. It literally instantly removes all makeup from brushes with one spray, whereas other cleaners I have tried require 2-4 sprays to do the job. It doesn't leave brushes oily and its just the best. 

I have posted the link below to purchase...

No More Frizz...

The best for Keratin treated hair...

Its a 10 Keratin Leave in Conditioner £25

If you already have a Brazilian blow dry or keratin treatment on your hair, this is amazing as it really makes the treatment last, and especially towards the end of the treatment when it starts to wear off, this is a saviour. Even if you haven't had the treatment done this will give you some of the effects of having had the treatment. Having very frizzy hair myself I have tried a lot of anti-frizz products around and this is by far the best one. It leaves your hair feeling like silk and eases the frizz a lot.

Apply to damp hair and brush through and you will instantly notice a difference when dry.

I have linked the product below..

Its 10 Keratin Leave in Conditioner